Madeira Furniture travels far and wide to seek out wall panels, floors and ceiling rafters made from rare woods that are now considered endangered and very difficult to source - including Canela Imbuia (Walnut), Peroba, Ipe, Pequia, and Itauba - have acquired a wonderfully rustic finish, the natural patina of age. The visionary behind Madira Furniture is Edwin Tahmassian. His quest for the most beautiful woods led him to Brazil, where he also encountered and studied craftsmen experienced in working with these woods. He now works with master craftsmen here in his facility in the USA. Madeira's manufacturing facility is equipped with state of the art woodworking machinery that can fill small or large orders in a timely manner. The woods are kept in stock, shipped over from Brazil and allowed to acclimate to the local weather so they are properly seasoned before being transformed. The focus of Madeira's handcrafted furniture is the distinctive wood grain, hand-rubbed with natural oils to highlight its beauty.